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Amazing Yellow Sea tour is a fundraising program,   10% income will donate to China Coastal Waterbird Census Team. This is a volunteer program, which last for over 13 years and counted the shorebirds for over 150 continous months.

Contact for more information

Call Jing +86 1391 6270 962

Q1: how many people are there in the tour?

We will have minimum 8 birders and no more than 15, there are at least two locale bird guides in the whole tour, an assitant tour guide will help coodinaate in Shanghai office.


Q2 : Do i need a Visa? And how ?

In general, you will need a visa.

We could help for invitation letter, hotel booking for your stay in China (Day 0 arrival and Day departure), Chinese ID copies etc.; please have at least 3 weeeks for your visa application.


Q3: What about insurance?

We will purchase transportation insurance & travel accident insurance (offered by Ping An Insurance) on your behalf, to cover any accidents that might happen to you while travelling overseas.
If you have already purchased an insurance plan to cover your stay in China, please bring a copy of the insurance certificate with you.

Q4:Do I need bring rubber boots for mudflat birding?

Local store have normal size rubber boots and sometimes we have spare ones from other birders, if your shoe size is over 45 or your like brand new boots, please inform us and we could arrange the purchase in advance.


Q5: Can you help recommend/book the hotel before the first day and the last day?

Yes, we would recommend you stay at the hotel near the Pudong international airport. Both hotels have convenicet shuttle bus service to airport termnials.

Economic choice

Jinjiang hotel Inn pudong airport 2nd

Comfort choice

Ramada Hotel Pudong Airport

If you book other hotels in downtown Shanghai, a shuttle service could be arranged, fee is around U$ 40 ~ 50.





Q6: Can I have city tour in Shanghai or nearby before or after the birding trip?

Yes,   some basic tourist information here.

Please contact us for arrangment, we may charge for city tour guide, downtown hotel and tour bookings.

Other top tourist cities, e.g. Hangzhou, Nanjign are also recommended for 2-3 days visit.


Shanghai City Tour

Hangzhou City Tour (coming soon)

Nanjing City Tour (comging soon)

Download 2017 Autumn tour birding list here.