Shanghai City Tour



Shang Weiguan Nanxiang Bun上味馆南翔小笼with recommendation★★★★★

  • Best Xiaolongbao in Shanghai, highly recommend Xiaolongbao鲜肉小笼, Wonton小馄饨and Ribs with Rice Cake排骨年糕, without English menu.
  • Address: No. 110 Guizhou Road (near Tianjin Road)



    Yangs Dumpling小杨生煎with recommendation★★★★

  • The most famous one for pan fried bun in Shanghai, without English menu.
  • Address: 3/F, Shanghai No. 1 Food Mall, No. 720 East Nanjing Road

  • Xi Bei西贝莜面村with recommendation★★★★

  • Dishes of Northwest China style, without aginomoto

  • Address: Room 903, Orient Shopping Center, No. 800 East Nanjing Road

  • Din Tai Fung鼎泰丰@ Xintiandi with recommendation★★★★

  • From Taiwan, well-known for xiaolongbao and decent dinning environment.
  • Address: 11A, 2/F, No. 6, Lane 123, Xin Ye Road兴业路123弄南里6号楼211A

  • Sightseeing

    The bund外滩

  • The Bund or Waitan is a waterfront area in central Shanghai. The area centers on a section of Zhongshan Road within the former Shanghai International Settlement, which runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River in the eastern part of Huangpu District. The area along the river faces the modern skyscrapers of Lujiazui in the Pudong District. The Bund usually refers to the buildings and wharves on this section of the road, as well as some adjacent areas. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. Building heights are restricted in the area.

  • East Nanjing Road Walkway南京东路步行街

  • Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai, and one of the worlds busiest shopping streets. Todays Nanjing Road comprises East and West. In some contexts, Nanjing Roadrefers only to what was pre-1945 Nanjing Road, todays Nanjing Road East.

  • East Nanjing Road is a dedicated commercial zone. At its eastern end is the central section of the Bund, featuring the Peace Hotel. Located here are most of Shanghais oldest and largest department stores, as well as a variety of domestic retail outlets, and some traditional eateries with a long history, showing you the Chinese culture and art.


    Cai Tong De Pharmacy蔡同德

  • Opened in 1882, Cai Tong De sells quality Chinese medicinal herbs, herbal pieces, medicinal liquor, healing ointment, health care products and some costly tonics such as ginseng, pilose antler and white fungus. Western patent medicines and medical devices are also available. Address: No. 450, East Nanjing Road

  • Duo Yun Xuan朵云轩

  • Opened in 1900, Duo Yun Xuan offers replicas of famous traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy, ancient books and rubbings from stone inscriptions. Chinese four treasures of the study - writing brush, ink stick, ink stone and paper - are available. Duo Yun Xuan also sells porcelain, jade articles and other curios.Address: No. 422, East Nanjing Road

  • No. 1 Shanghai Food Mall上海第一食品商店

  • Opened in 1954, No. 1 Shanghai Food Mall offers every kind of Chinese traditional foods.  Yangs Dumpling is on 3/F.
  • Address: No. 720, East Nanjing Road

  • Ole Supermarket
  • Shanghai New World Daimaru Department Store
  • Address: B2, No. 198, East Nanjing Road

  • Binjiang Avenue滨江大道

  • Binjiang Avenue is a riverside avenue on the east side of Huangpu River, Lujiazui, Pudong District, opposite to the Bund of Puxi. As a sightseeing belt of east Huangpu River, it is the best place to have a closer sight of the cityscape of Pudong New Area. It is comprised of hydrophile platform, sloping fields greening, half-underground space and the sightseeing roads. At night, it is the great route to view the grand sights on both sides of the Huangpu River.

  • Xintiandi新天地

  • Xintiandi is an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai.

  • The district is composed of an area of reconstituted traditional mid-19th century shikumen (stone gate) houses on narrow alleys, some adjoining houses which now serve as book stores, cafes and restaurants, and shopping malls. Xintiandi has an active nightlife, though romantic settings are more common than loud music and dance places. It is considered one of the first lifestyle centers in China.


    Huangpu River Cruise浦江夜游

  • Huangpu River, a symbol of Shanghai, is 114km long and 400 meters wide. Its ice-free year round. The river divides Shanghai into east and west. It is a silent eyewitness to Shanghais development.

  • A spectacular sight is that the two suspension bridges, Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, appear to arch over the Orient Pearl TV Tower, resembling Two dragons playing with a ball.

  • With the 90 minutes-Cruising on the Huangpu River in the evening , you can experience its silence and beauty under the moonlight.

  • Ships depart from the Bund, sail to Huangpu Bridge in the south, then turn and head north towards Wusongkou, and return to the Bund. Ships vary in size, decoration and amenities. You can choose either snack or dinner or buffet on the ship.

  • Era-intersection of Times 时空之旅

  • Multimedia theatrical spectacular Era-intersection of Times blends Chinese acrobatics with state-of-the-art multimedia technology and innovation, dazzling both local audiences and overseas visitors alike with incredible stunts, fantastic imagery and poetic illustrations. It has won a number of national and municipal awards for innovation and outstand performance.

  • Show is from 19:30 to 21:10, containing Highlight 1 to 8 are Mirror Mirage, Magic Water, Floating Gondola, Music of ERA, Jar Juggling, Wheel of Life, Forever and Space Motorcycles.
  • Address: No. 2266 Gong Hexin Road, Shanghai Circus World

    Tel: 66522395