Artistic Spoon-billed Sandpiper on your wall

Kokay 复刻画 勺嘴鹬和雏鸟.jpg

Kókay Szabolcs is a wildlife artist and illustrator. He won:

  • 2000 British Birds 'Bird Illustrator of the Year' PJC Award

  • 2001 British Birds 'Bird Illustrator of the Year'3rd place

  • 2002 British Birds 'Bird Illustrator of the Year'3rd place

  • 2002 Birdwatch Artist of the Year, identification category winner

  • 2008 Birdwatch Artist of the Year 1st prize

  • 2010 Don Eckelberry Scholarship Award from the Society of Animal Artists

  • 2014 Langford Press Field Sketches Award

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There are only two copies available.

Price: RMB 5000 US$ 800

You will have

- a certified copy

- copy certification signed by Kokay Szablocz

SEE foundation collect the original copy and exibit in it musem at Alashan, inter mogolian.

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free painting-holder availble for purchase

Kokay 画 效果图二.jpg

Image Size:

50cm * 70 cm

Painting size:

65cm * 82.5 cm

Kokay 画 效果图一.jpg

Kokay 画壹鸺家 买家秀.jpg

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