Amazing Yellow Sea Tour 2018

12 Sep 2018 ~ 19 Sep 2018, 8 Days

Amazig Yellow Sea tour are fund raising tours to support local conservation actions to protect the mudflat for millions of migratory shorebirds along the flyway. Join us to explore the nature wonder and experience the unique marine culture.

Tour Price: US$ 2,650

Space available

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Lian Yun Gang 2018 Autumn

8 Sep 2018 ~ 11 Sep 2018, 4 Days

Another hotspot for migrants along the Jiangsu coast, Lian-Yun-Gang supports thousands of Asian Dowitchers regularly. Although peak time in southward migration is in August, in early September we can still see quite a few.Decent number of Relict Gull winter here and we may encounter a few immature birds.

Tour Price: US$ 1,900

Space available

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Birds from Dongtai-Rudong
Spoon-billed Sandpiper by Li Dongming
Spoon-billed Sandpiper by Luke Tang
Spoon-billed Sandpiper by Luke Tang
Grey Nightjar by Zhang ming
Marsh Grassbird
Narcissuc Flycatcher by Zhang ming
Nordmann's Greenshank by Qian Jinghua
Cotton Pygmy-goose by Luke Tang
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